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All Round Financial Planning

Carol Round Certified Financial Planner™

Many people think you have to be fabulously wealthy to invest, purchase real estate, or develop a plan for retirement. Nothing could be further from the truth. Carol can work with you to grow and protect your wealth the way you want to. She can present you with a range of strategies and show you how they can work for you, and how they’ll help you with your long term goals. Carol believes: “Living for today is important, however, planning for a secure tomorrow is critical!”

All Round Home Loans

Christine Zimmerman

Whether you’re considering buying your first home or investment property, or you’re building up your property portfolio, getting the right home loan advice to help you maximise the performance of your investment is critical. When you meet with Christine and her team they will give you the appropriate advice, taking you through the whole home loan process step by step. This includes: Work out how much you can afford to borrow and identify the price range you can afford; Provide you with detail on the costs involved including Stamp Duty and legal costs; Provide you with a loan scenario outlining your loan repayments to help you budget; Help you choose the loan that suits your needs from the many products offered by our panel of lenders; Advise you on the most appropriate loan structure for your investment needs for now and future requirements.

All Round Accounting

Tania Magon

An investment property can be held in your own name, jointly with a friend or partner, held in a trust, a company or a self-managed super fund. Either way it’s critical to get the ownership structure right at the time of purchasing the investment property as it can be costly to alter the title deeds for the property later on. We will make sure you are aware of all your taxation entitlements and liabilities. Tania is also an accredited SPAA SMSF Specialist and can provide you with confidence when making decisions in compliance and taxation strategies within your SMSF.

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