Landlord Testimonials

"After having spent the new year period at Port Macquarie my partner Mandy and I were impressed by the town and growth potential. Two weeks later, I was back on my way to Port Macquarie to scout some properties we were keen on. We were referred to Carol by a friend who had used her services. I cold-called Carol from the side of the freeway; made an appointment, and a couple of hours later was sitting in front of Carol at her desk.

As a result, we've recently bought a property that was recommended and negotiated by Carol and is now being managed by All Round Property Management. We have a great tenant All Round proactively found prior to settlement.

I, we, could not be more happy with Carol's approach, professionalism, communication and manner. The entire process has been so smooth and effortless. The house we've bought is in a great location is in beautiful condition with a great return. I am certain we could not have achieved such results on our own.

When I met Carol it was absolutely apprarent she values her clients' welfare above all else. For me, this is paramount. Her results, consistency and returns in both property and stock are fabulous and really do speak for themselves."

R. Braga


"As a nervous wanna-be property investors, my partner and I spoke with a friend who had used Carol's services and highly recommended her. After our initial meeting with Carol, our fears melted away and our savings efforts re-doubled. We are now proud property investors and could not have done it without Carol Round. Her sagacity and analytical manner made us feel confident in knowing that we were making the right decision and her end-to-end service was a beacon of light in the sometimes complex, murky and stressful processes of home buying.

Our new All Round Property Manager Millissa Shaw, has been on the ball from the very first interaction and the service we continue to receive reinforces the fact that we made an excellent decision using Carol and All Rounds's services.

We're looking forward to future growth and speaking to Carol about when property number two can become a reality!"

L. Frankcom

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