Debt Management

Market analysis

Our advice covers budgeting, re-financing, appropriate debt levels, borrowing structures and cash flow.  We can assist in reducing inefficient debt. Inefficient debt is debt where the interest you pay cannot be claimed as a tax-deduction.

We can recommend the following debt management strategies:

Bullet-greenConsolidating your debt

Bullet-greenIncreasing the frequency of your payments

Bullet-greenMaking additional lump sum payments

Bullet-greenIncreasing your regular repayments

Bullet-greenUsing a credit card effectively in conjunction with your loan

Bullet-greenUsing an offset account

Bullet-greenUsing a redraw facility

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Important Note:
ALL ROUND FINANCIAL SERVICES PTY LTD (ARFS) offer advice on debt management and are happy to refer clients to Christine Zimmerman (partner with ARFS) where there is a need for refinancing or new lending. Christine Zimmerman has arrangements in place with a number of major banks and access to full mortgage broking facilities where required.  Christine Zimmerman is not associated with GWM Adviser Services Limited trading as MLC Financial Planning, but is licensed with Professional Lenders Association Network (PLAN) CRN 376146.







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